Newsletter Archive 1985-1991

Please note, some of these are very large files, but well worth the bandwidth!!

Summer 1985: Alumni Directory, 1985 Grads, New Roof.

December 1985: Interim Week, High School Rap (NH Register), Alumni News.

Summer 1986: Graduation 1986 - lots of pics!

Summer 1986: Alumni news.

Fall 1986: Alumni news.

Spring 1987: Purposes and Objectives, Principles of Progressivism.

Summer 1988: Graduation 1988, Some Poems About Some Grads, Reflection from Bud Church, The Importance of Being an Alum.

Winter 1988-1989: A lesson Well Learned, Pasta Supper, In the Words of a New Student, Phonathon.

Spring 1989: Why Interim Week?, Silent Auction, Life After Hammo, AIDS Panel.

Summer 1989: Graduation 1989, Delma, Books in the Running Brooks (Bud C).

Fall 1989: Whole Earth Focus, Power of an Idea, The Climb.

Spring 1990: Hammonasset moves into the '90s, Nepal travelers, Oxfam fast, Dr Judi, Model Congress, and more.

Summer 1990: Graduation - Class of 1990, Farewell to Don Grace, Welcome David Rynick, Earthfest '90, New Faculty

June 1991 - Final Headmaster's Letter: Likely the very last mailing ever to be cranked out of the copy machine and processed through the postage meter at 156 Duck Hole Road. :(

June 1991 - Poetry Book: This is a little book of writing about Hammonasset by people who have been connected with it.......We hope it captures some of the flavor of this special place, and will serve as a little souvenir of the last day of the school's life.

Special thanks to Gabriel "Jack" Chin ('82) for providing these Newsletters!!

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