About Hammonasset

Hammonasset, founded in 1971, operated for 18 academic years (1973-1991). It's short life was largely due to a declining high school age population and the recession that was taking place in the early 1990's.

Hammonasset's Purposes and Objectives Statement

The Hammonasset School, a progressive, college preparatory, coeducational day school, is committed to the principle that involving adolescents in shaping their education is the most effective way of helping them become responsible, self-reliant, and self-motivated young adults.

Adolescents are full of energy and life, curiosity and sensitivity--qualities that the school respects. Hammonasset also recognizes that adolescence is a complex, often confusing, time of life, and that students should be treated as individuals, with varying needs and styles. At the same time, Hammonasset encourages them to share the common goals of growing intellectually, expressively, and emotionally while supporting the growth of their peers.

In addition to promoting the fullest development of each student, Hammonasset strives to be a community based on mutual respect and trust, where the restrictive pressures of prejudice and regimentation are minimized. In this spirit, Hammonasset seeks a diverse student body, including students who have not felt challenged or valued in other school settings.

The Hammonasset curriculum is diverse and challenging, responsive to the needs of each student. We recognize these needs by listening. Teachers listen to their students--in class, in personal conversations, everywhere. Students listen to each other, respectful of the rights each enjoys in the community. And students listen to the faculty, who teach by example as well as by text, who inspire through dedication and talent.

By the time students graduate from Hammonasset, they should recognize education as an endless and fully engaging process. They should have solid foundations in verbal expression, logical reasoning, and problem-solving skills. They should have developed some understanding of the perceived world through scientific explanations, have increased their respect for the influences of nature and the environment on their lives, and have obtained some familiarity with the variety of social, political, and cultural structures in the world. They should have explored their creative sensibilities, acquired the skills and desire to maintain life-long physical activity and health, and become more honestly insightful about themselves and their relationships with other people.

In short, they should be ready for the independence of adult life and should possess a well-defined sense of self in relation to the world. Many of these objectives are most likely to be achieved by each student’s own discovery in a nurturing environment. To stimulate such discovery is the mission of Hammonasset.