This site is a tribute to The Hammonasset School, formerly of Madison CT, originally located at what is now known as the “Town Campus”.

Your Webmaster:

Hi, this is Marc from class of 1990. I think just about everyone who attended the school from 1985-1990 knows me as the guy who did fundraising for the yearbook committee from ’86 to ’89. Most of this fundraising was done at the “Yearbook Food Stand”. I stepped down from this role in my senior year (’89-’90) to focus on my masterwork and other senior stuff.

Why did I set up this website?

I’ve tried “googling” the school name a few times in recent history, and very little came up. A few have mentioned the school in their personal websites and blogs, as well as a few great pages on Facebook, but no dedicated site. So I felt it was time to take some action and dedicate a website to the school. (And what better way to learn web design!)

One of my goals is to make the website resemble (as close as possible) what the school’s official website might have looked like if the school was still in existence today. This is why you will see pages for various areas such as admissions, student life, athletics, etc – things that any active school website would have.


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